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Monica's commitment to this age old profession of calligraphy handwriting is exemplary, and by treating her writing as an art form, as an expression of divinity and never settling for anything but the very best, she has superseded her peers in this very niche market.

She is the ultimate epitome of perfection and expects this in her work that she is providing for all of her clients. All of her jobs to date have been given the due dedication and attention owed to each individual.

The work of Monica is synonymous with alluring magic, cutting edge talent and matchless beauty and she believes this is all of the utmost importance for all of her clients, whatever their specific requirements. No compromises, no short-cuts.

With her dedicated, structured approach and vocational appeal, she has been able to provide a very select range of styles and enhancements. She specialises in all fonts, sizes, ink colours and scripts and her ultimate passion is undertaking each job with vigour and intensity.